Gymkhana Vehicles

The vehicles used by the Race-Tech group to do battle in the Western Cape Gymkhana Championship, they pride themselves in their vehicles, but more in the time and effort they have spend on developing their own machines.

Rear Wheel Drive Vehicle:

Currently have 3  RWD vehicles competing and 2 under construction

Photo Manufacturer Info Competing Since
Datsun 1200 Deluxe aka “Datto”, this vehicle is currently being build, ex vehicle, Datsun 1400 LDV Will compete in the Western Cape Rally Championship
Ford Escort MKII this vehicle is currently on the chopping blocks and in the design phase with a stream of new Zakspeed replica parts on their way to South Africa 2009
Mazda F1000 bakkie with a heart in the form of a Ford 2.0lt Pinto 2010
Datsun 1200 Deluxe aka “Lil Datto” this particular vehicle is the smaller brother of “Datto”, currently the ginny pig for all the research 2011
Mada 616 Being the newest vehicle in the inventory, there is still a lot of homework to be done 2011
Datsun 1400 LDV Sold off to the highest bidder, this vehicle served Herman well and was the bases for part development that is currently being used in “Lil Datto” and all the knowledge being transfered to the bigger brother “Datto”. 2009 & retired end 2010


Front Wheel Drive Vehicles:

Currently have 2 FWD vehicles competing

Photo Manufacturer Info Competing Since
Volkswagen MKI Golf 1.4i Looks can be deceiving, while looking like a standard City Golf, this particular vehicle has all the trick bits added to be very competitive. 2009
1300 Volkswagen Fox Converted to a 1.4I motor and the combination of time spend on the suspension this vehicle is starting to come alive. 2010
  Mini light and agile, but is infected with rust