HOWTO – E15 Electronic Distributor into A Series


Source a Nissan E15/E16 Electronic Distributor from the old “Boxy Shape Sentra 1982-1990” and also a Electronic Ignition Coil “VW City Golf – Bosch Coil is very good”. Fit the drive gear from the A-Series distributor by drilling a new hole in the E Series Distributor, also fit the A-Series Adjuster Plate to the E-Series Distributor. Grind File away all the excess metal to easy timing adjustment. Remove the resister and bridge the 2 wires. Connect it and fire the old push-rod motor up.

Parts Required:

  • Nissan E15/E16 Electronic Distributor – “Boxy Shape Sentra 1982-1990”
  • VW City Golf – Electronic Ignition Bosch Coil
  • 4 x 20mm Roll Pins
  • Old A-Series Hitachi Distributor – Source for Adjuster Plate and Drive Gear
  • Wire Lugs

All and all the above should not be more than R400 if you have a A-Series Distributor.

Tools Required:

Anyone willing enough to do this easy conversion will have the basic tool box that is needed.

Step by Step Guide:

Guide to follow in due time.

  Here is some photos that will help in the mean time: HOWTO – E15 Electronic Distributor into A Series