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Clothes Trolleys

During the course of 2013, every month in the one corner a strange bender called a Rotary Drawn bender was taking shape. This weird looking bender was mounted vertically to minimize the space needed around it to operate, having a hydraulic cylinder mounted to it definitely helps to retain the strength in the arms and help keeping the mind focused on the numbers to make the bend perfect.

For the last couple of months since the bender reached phase 1, a few test bends were made and the results were amazing compared to any non mandrel benders out there, especially available in South Africa. We either had to live with crush bends normally associated with exhausts shops or mandrel bends costing a arm and a leg.

We were so pleased with the results of the bender, we immediately decided to start expanding the tools needed to make more dyes. Currently only 25mm OD with a 38mm dye on it’s way and invested a huge amount of money in the very popular Bend-Tech Pro pipe and tube bending software to aid in making more precise parts.


We were approached by a small shop on the outskirts of Worcester, to bend some 25mm tube for them that would be used for clothes trolleys. Being very straight forward, 90 degree bends, we used the Bend-Tech Pro software in order to keep the waste to a minimum and each part exact. Just look at the amazing results achieved by the bender. The bender is even able to bend to 18 degrees which could prove to be very helpful when building a header.