Datsun A12GX Head & Dual SU Carb Project Started

HeadCarbsDirtyLast weekend, after my official duties online viagra at the Toyota Dealership Rally out in Caledon where finished, I decided to drive to my parents in Doornrivier for a visit and to get my little hands on some old Datsun parts.

One of the best decisions in a long time. It took me back a few years when my brother used to

tinker with these little motors. These parts is almost like family treasures, as a lot of it came from my dad that also used to play with Datsun engines.

The idea of this project is to get these parts all cleaned up, assembled and installed on the bakkie, if memory serves correct there will be no need for mayor structural changes to the parts as A12-A14 engines are very interchangeable. The head was first on a A12 and later on a A14 that seized two pistons due to,  to much compression and running on normal 97 octane fuel (back in the day of 97 octane in SA).

The motor where rebuild and a spacer where added between the bottom end and head to drop the compression enough. This engine had a lot of torque and also very responsive.

The Head:

  • A12 GX Head
  • A14 Intake and Exhaust Valves
  • 3 Angle Valve Seats
  • Double Valve Springs
  • Ported

The Carbs:

  • Dual SU something something carbs ( will get numbers )
  • Ported Intake to match the Head
  • Custom Air Filter Housing

Johan (friend) started yesterday stripping the parts and the huge cleanup process. To my amazement the valves came out much easier than expected. I thought these double valve springs are going to require some serious fore arm strength, a knock with a hammer on the valve spring retainer was all that where needed, but still far more difficult than a head with only one set of valve springs.

Later on Ruan joined me, we had a long discussion around the SU carbs as they are fairly new to him, my knowledge on them is also quiet limited, thus it took some time explaining the operation of these carburetors. For more information regarding SU Carburetors, visit Wikipedia

The idea is to get all planned and assembled before 2 May 2009, after the 2nd May we want to start bolting these beauties to the bakkie, in the whole process I also want to swop the flywheel out for one that is  lightened and replace the stock clutch and pressure plate with a Datsun Pulsar unit, these are larger and still just a bolt on.  The other modifications that will be done at the same time is the fitment of a electric fan and a 4 into 1 branch exhaust manifold.


8 thoughts on “Datsun A12GX Head & Dual SU Carb Project Started”

  1. Good day

    I am looking for parts for my dutson e.g shocks and all the rubber’s. We have tried nissan deals but they are so expensive. I am in benoni, brakpan area and was wondering if you could direct me in finding these parts?

  2. They are very scarce
    The A15 heads with the correct combustion chamber is just as good if not beter when worked.
    They come standard with bigger valves which is a bonus.

  3. Hallo Riko,

    Personally I’m also looking for 2 mint tail lights door rubbers and a rear window. Best will be to get a scrapped one to strip. All panels, doors, rubbers and windows on the Nissan 1400 bakkie is the same as the cars.

  4. Hi there, just want to ask: I also have dual SU carbs that i want to fit onto my 1400 motor. How does the manifold go on, where does the water go, etc? Any help would be much appreciated.

  5. Hi Bernard,

    If you have a look at this picture: it shows the branch installed, the SU mani goes between it onto the open ports, it uses the same bolts than the branch, just need to use some decent washers.
    You’ll need to purchase a A12GX manifold gasket which includes the water ports. First off I just blanked of the water pipe coming out of the manifold, at the beginning of the year when I rebuild the motor I had the water ports on the head welded as it is not needed.

    Where about are you located?

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