Dual SU Carbs

Just a quick heads up on the Head and Carbs for the Datsun.

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The A12GX head is all cleaned up. After a 2 day long cleanup session, everything is ready for

Ports is as clean as I can get them, gasket areas are shinning and ready for some new ones. The valves Seats are grind.
Yesterday, me and my brother prepped all the clean parts and reassembled the head. It is know wrapped and waiting for an installation date after the 2nd May 2009. We have a month gab between gymkhanas after the 2nd, so this will be the ideal time to install all these parts and eliminate all problems.

The HS4 SU Carburetors have been stripped and checked; so far I can so no damage to the parts. No cracks, holes or excessive wear. The next steps will be to get this all cleaned up for further inspection and reassemble them. Then they can also move next to the head on the shelf for installation.

This is killing me, knowing I sit with all these parts and have to wait to get them installed, o well; at least it gives me time to get everything ready.

Electric fan must be installed and wired up, the

brackets for the helper leaves on the back suspension need to be made and tested. Hope this stiffens it up nicely, could be a cheap mod for starters to the back suspension. The branch must be sources and wrapped with Heat Wrap, and let no one tell you different, this exhaust wrap is expensive, R450 for a 15m roll, just enough for a 4 cylinder branch.

I’ll be off to go pull some more hair, this waiting is killing me.