Datsun 1200 “Lil Datto”



“Lil Datto” joined the Mathee family during 2010, at first Lil didn’t receive a lot of attention, but during December 2010 all attention shifted towards the vehicle as Herman stripped and sold his Datsun 1400 LDV and all parts was transferred to Lil. Herman handled the complete rebuild, balance and a few other tricks of the A14 motor while Mike was on his back building a complete BMW E30 Limited Slip Differential Rear Suspension into Lil. Lil is the proud carrier of the RACETECH 1 number plate for 2011, as Herman is still busy building “Datto” and Mike agreed on lending “Lil” to him while “Datto” is being build. “Lil” is currently used as the ginny pig in regards with suspension modifications and handling seeing as the bases of the two Datsuns is almost the same.

Owner: Mike Mathee

Drivers: Herman Mathee and Mike Mathee

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General Information about the Vehicle


  • Standard Datsun B110 Body
  • Battery moved to trunk


  • A14 Sub
  • A12GX Head – Ported, Worked Valves
  • HS4 Dual SU Carburetors, intake manifold ported and matched
  • 280 Cam
  • Datsun Competition Spec Flywheel
  • TNT 4-1 Branch
  • 50mm Stainless Free flow Exhuast
  • Nissan Sentra E15 Electronic Distributor – HOWTO Guide
  • Dyno Chart


  • F4W60L
  • Final Drive 3.89
  • Gear Ratio’s
  1. 3.513
  2. 2.170
  3. 1.378
  4. 1.000



  • Nissan Sentra 160SI Vented Rotors & Calipers


  • Standard BMW E30 Rear Rotors and Calipers



  • Adjustable Coil Overs with 450lbs Springs – HOWTO Guide
  • Dual Anti-Roll Bars


  • Gaz Adjustable Coil Overs with 300lbs springs

Gallery Pictures of Modifications

Modifications Done:

Modifications – Planned/Busy:

  • Adjustable Front Gaz Shock Inserts
  • 2 Independent Throttle Bodies with Gotech MFI Management

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