7 January 2012 – Front Brakes

A New Year with new plans and a lot to get done, well, seeing that the majority of the businesses is close from mid-December to beginning of January, I had some time to work on the cars wiring, especially the engine loom and interior management loom. Up to date I have probably spend in excess of 40 hours with these two looms, hopefully they are correct and no changes needed. With the businesses opening again and resuming normal business, more parts arrived from Rezlo, this time round the box consisted of a K&N Air Filter and two crank case filters, also included was a few AN fittings and a set of MSD Wire Separators. I also managed to get my hands on a set of brand new Nankang 205/60R13 tyres for road use, now just to get the set of Cyclone wheels widened, I think 8J would be perfect.

On my first visit to the car, I was greeted with another present from my father, he managed to make a new alternator bracket that would allow me to use a 6PK820 belt, the reason for this is that the next belt available is a 6PK655 which is to long if you use the VE motor without a aircon pump. Next on the list was to fit the new K&N Air filter, I’m so happy I decided to order one with the correct ID to fit the throttle body directly and seeing that I chose one with a 10degree angle on the flange would make the fit even better.

Seeing that the car is getting to a stage that I can bring it back to Cape Town to work on it, we started getting the car dust proof as I have to tow it on a gravel road for about 15km, we started with the dust cover around the new steering column as I also want to mount the motor permanently to start getting the pipes done etc.

Next order of business was the front callipers, you may ask why we waited so long to mount one of the most important parts to any racing car well the answer is very easy, we did not need them to  get the car moving around in the workshop, well there time has come. Being the first time that neither my father nor I have worked with radial mount callipers it took us some time to come up with the best possible solution to mount them. We considered having a set of aluminium milled etc. The answer at the end of the day was to use a 6mm thick piece of 40mm angle with a few strategic cuts to form the mountings. The beautiful thing about radial mount callipers is the ease of using bigger rotors than that with which the mountings was designed for, a couple of spacers later and you can swing a bigger set of rotors without changing the mountings. After the callipers was mounted we only needed a 1.6mm spacer to get the spacing on the rotor correct. Luckily Datto now has a set of front brakes, coupled with Earl’s brake lines. I just couldn’t resist the urge to see if the 13″ wheels  clear them, they are tight with the 256mm rotors, only with the Cyclone wheels will I have to run a 6mm spacer.

14 January 2012

Damn, I knew high pressure pipes is expensive, bad no, it is wallet content thief’s. Had the hydro lines made between oil cooler and remote oil thermostat, with a few added fittings and banjo’s. Spend Friday evening fitting the oil cooler permanently and the hydro lines, afterword’s I decided to redone the top hose because the 90 degree fittings is way too bulky to taste, will use banjo’s in the future.

Saturday morning started early bud instead of playing with the car, I had my fun for the day with a chainsaw, soon afterwards I realised it was a very bad idea as I had to take a shower to get rid of all the wood chips and dust. Work started with spraying the previous weekends electro plated parts and then moving onto silver soldering the steel AN6 fittings to the in car fuel lines. We then moved onto the front bumper, not being on the list for the weekend, but a very essential part on the car as it will be used to tow the car with a A-Frame, mount a number plate and act as a mounting point for 2 sets of spot lights for those night events. I must say, just placing the front Apron on the car, makes it look like a complete different vehicle, hopefully on the next visit I can mount the motor finally and fix all this bits permanently.

After spending about an hour under the car, trying to bend the feed lines on the steering rack, I decided to ditch the plan and get some flexible hoses made up for the task, as we expected the time needed to make them from steel would cost us in the region of 4 hours more to get them perfect and not hit the rear part of the upper oil pan. Bye bye wallet contents. Soon after we were dying from the heat and just wanted to do something relaxing, so we started with the handbrake lever. After about 20 times in and out of the car, we had the 25x2mm Stainless pipe in the shape needed and could be tig welded.

Sunday morning was spend mounting the callipers permanently, turning some spacers for the radiator expansion tank to get the spacing spot on. Wiper motor went in permanently and a few un needed holes closed. Later on the day I managed to mount the un finished oil breather tank and also the power-steering reservoir. The rest of the day was used to plan the power-steering piping and opening the ends of the wheel nuts for the longer studs.

During the week

During the weeks between visits I’m quite busy designing parts, searching for parts or doing something from home that I can manage. Currently I’m busy assembling the doors, the rear doors are 90% done, just the weather-strips must be installed. Currently working on the front left door, hopefully on the next visit I can take the completed door back and bring the last one for assembly, at least the doors will cover a few big holes.

It is always good to give back, last year the team took my Alu welder and his daughter for a few rounds around a Gymkhana track, this paid off immensely with him agreeing to weld my stuffs before he officially start for the year, well I made good on this and kept him busy for about 2 and a half hours, center console was completed with added plates to stop small items from falling thru the handbrake holes and ending under the unit. The ends of the dash was welded which replaced the temporary rivets, coil bracket strengthened, fuel cell finished with the last AN6 fitting for the breather pipe and the oil breather tank completed. We also managed to weld the sockets on the water outlet for the expansion tank breather and to mount a second water temprature sensor for the hot side.

In the meantime, if the time is generous, I would like to spend some with the pedal box designing a bracket or two to mount the brake light switch and the clutch position switch.

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