4 February 2012 – Assembly VII

It’s been a busy week or two with organizing and gathering parts, it seems that always to the end of a phase there is all this little bits and pieces missing that was either never thought of or was to minor to be on any list or radar, but well, I’m at that point now. Since the last update I’ve managed to do the wiring on the centre console, clean the throttle body and thermostat housing, the rear lights have also been stripped completely, plated all metal parts, polished the outer chrome surrounds and replaced all the old sealing rubber. Enough Redline MT-90 arrived to keep any SR20DET(FS5W71C) happy for many years to come with the power levels intended for it. Also managed to get another hi pressure pipe made up and sourced some fittings and banjo bolts, just a heads up, M12x1 Banjo bolts is scary expensive, be warned. I nearly had a heart attack when they mailed the invoice. I also found a upholsterer that I’m happy with and tasked him to make me a set of dust covers for the rear shocks, they turned out exactly as expected, but then again how difficult is it if the customer provide you with a complete template.

Just after arrival at the car on Friday, I immediately started disassemble on the nose, as I forgot a very important piece of the puzzle was missing, thus also provided me the opportunity the make an anti-vibration plate for the hi pressure line from the power steering pump. The rest of the evening was used to install a new oil line and install the newly cleaned thermostat housing, radiator and all relevant water pipes. Guess what I will fill on my next visit.

Saturday morning I was tasked to wet sand one of the widened road wheels for a final coat, this kept me busy for far too long. I also decided to add a coat or 3 of clear lacquer over the centre console as it will be exposed to a lot of touching with dirty hands. After this was done, work started on installing the steering rack with the new brackets, all flex lines routed and fastened and hopefully I’ll not have to remove it quickly again, I’ll do it with a smile if the time comes for the shiny pistons and rods. Next in line was the belly plate/sump guard, due to the kind of events this car will be used primarily, decided to install a decent guard as pavements is a part of 80% of the venues, the item was made from 3mm hot rolled plate bend to the exact angles needed to clear the sump, it also have some reinforcements to the side in the event it takes a serious beating with a hard object. I also decided to make a few holes in the front of it, this will enable cold air to enter the bottom of the engine bay and cool the aluminium sump also, see it as another oil cooler.

Our Gymkhana organizer (I hope he reads this) always have the saying during drivers briefing; If you have to decide between a 0.5sec faster round or a safe round, choose the safe option. We’ll let me just say, with this guard, I’ll pick the faster round and if something not that safe happens, at least my engine will be safe.

The rest of the evening was used to install the power steering fluid cooler and fan.


Sunday morning started with the installation of the front apron and making sure the cooler does not interfere and more of the pipe work completed. Next on the list was to finish the brake lines, these was routed and fastened to stay out of the wheels, then just to make 100% sure they will last longer, some extra insulation was added in the form of spiral bind.

The afternoon was used install the rear shock dust covers, a few templates further and I had a set fastening plates cut from 2mm Aluminium plate to the exact profile of the openings, then the job started to get them and the covers in place with some sealer, never again will I attempt this again in summer, it turned out to be a nightmare due to the heat waves that we are experiencing in the Western Cape. I’m very happy with the final outcome of them.

The final little bit of time was used to remove the tappet cover for some TLC, this will include closing the whole for the PCV valve which will not be used and to replace the outlet pipe with a AN10 socket. Afterwards it will be prepped for dome VHT Wrinkle Plus Black paint.

Seeing that the majority of mechanical work is done, the coming weekend will be used to fit the doors and windows, I know some spacers on the door hinges will be needed. Hopefully in the coming weekends I will be able to bring the car back home.

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