26 November 2011 – Assembly III & Wiring II

The last 2 weekends was more or less the same thing, wiring and assembly. On the assembly side things wasn’t that busy as I’m in the process of changing some parts and adding a few new brackets etc., but it has to be done, just a pity allot of these take a lot of time. Anybody telling me that wiring is a quick job is making a big mistake, maybe it could be quick if you have no pride and joy for your work, but someone like me that is quite anal about wiring, it is a completely different story, then the fact that I’m no auto electrician makes thing more challenging as I constantly need to run to Google to find a wiring diagram to help out.


Some of my parts came back from electro plating and sandblasting, these was sprayed and are now ready for fitment. The bracket I had to make for relocating the thermostat housing was send for media blasting and electro polishing, the effect you get after the whole process is magnificent, almost a dull shine. The intake manifold was welded and then sandblasted to get it one colour again, the same for the water outlet on the motor which houses the sensors as this unit was also modified for the thermostat housing. The parts for the fuel cell is also done, just waiting on some AN6 or as I recently learned -6 fittings, this will replace the massive AN10 units currently on the cell. The rear upper controls arms also see some changes as we made a 6mm error when we designed them.

The rear callipers was installed and brackets made for the brake lines. The intake was mounted and plans was made for an air filter and the throttle cable. I’m glad to say I’m all done with my brake pipes, just need to fasten some of them, this also include the clutch line. The fuel pipes is about 80% done as I’m waiting for some steel fittings to attach to them to make installing soft lines a breeze.

I also managed to get my hands on a new set of Toyota Hi Ace steering column switches as I wanted to minimise the amount of switches between the two seats, but sortly after purchase I realised due to the fast amount of changes made to my steering column, I will also have to make a few changes to the unit to get it to fit around my steering adaptor, nothing the correct size hole saw cannot fix.


The majority of my time was spend with wiring, either the chassis wiring which include components like lights, pumps, accessories and a fan, then also with the management wiring. The wiring at the back is almost done, the pumps is completed, just need to make the extension between the left and right side rear lights. The front is also almost completed, with all the wires in place and some already found their way to a connector or two. I decided to leave the chassis wiring as ease for the moment to continue with the management side as I do not need lights etc. currently, I’ll work on them between the management wiring and assembly, due to the holidays coming up and searching for parts being chaotic.

I’ve read the manual for my management about 4 times from start to finish, but one thing I realised that even that amount is not enough, I you start with a section of wiring around the motor, open the manual to that section, quickly read it again and then start adding wires and connectors. You quickly realised that the management 9 out of 10 times always outputs negative and you will need a separate +12V Ignition wire for each wire coming out of the management. Currently I have about 60 wires that has something to do with management. I started with measuring the amount of wire needed from the ECU to the firewall connector, In my case I’m using Deutsch HD connectors for the task, cut all the wires needed for the engine and leave the rest in their original layout for future use or internal use. I the proceeded to solder all the original connectors to the rest of the wires, the tedious task started to route them from their location to the firewall connectors, I’m pretty sure I went thru about 40 small cable ties just to get this as I wanted. This coming week I’ll add the insolation and braiding on the loom. I must say, spending the time to create a decent I/O table with wiring colour etc. really aids when wiring the management as a lot of the items can only be used on certain inputs or outputs, again RTFM (Read the F*&king Manual)

Odds and Ends:

Last week I spend a lot of time in front of the computer to design a few new parts, like redesigning the Oil breather bottle and Fuel Surge Tank. Then I also designed a bracket for mounting the coils next to the motor to keep the wires as sort as possible and out of my way, as I hate seeing wires, with this I also designed a nice heat shield that will be covered in some yellow heat barrier that will bolt to the bottom of the bracket to keep the exhaust heat away. Since the hydraulic handbrake found its final destination, i was also able to find a mounting place for the brake bios adjuster and designed a mounting bracket for it to hide all the stuff I do not want to see.

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