24 September 2010 – Fuel Cell Holder & Power Steering Rack

Arrived home on Thursday evening due to the following day being a public holiday, didn’t take long to get in the groove and started the preparation work for the Fridays work. The main work set out for the weekend was the building of the Fuel Cell holder that had to be welded into the rear of the car and the mounting of the Toyota Cressida Power Steering rack. Thursday evening we managed to complete all the small cuts in the bended sheet metal and to bend all the lips that would be used for welding the holder in shape.

Friday morning was a early start to the day due to the amount of work that had to be done. We started to weld the main holder in place and then proceeded to cut it to the correct shape to fit between the rear of the car and the sub frame build for the suspension. We had to cut the front corners at a 45 degree angle to fit, this was then covered with separate pieces of sheet metal. The separate pieces also included a big lip which would cover the opening between holders front corners and the area between the original floor.

The building of the box kept us busy until lunch, afterwards we started tig welding the box into place, this kept us busy for quite a while. Once all the welding was done on the inside of the car my father started on the bottom. This gave me some breathing space to start the grinding of the welds on the inside in preparation for a coat of rust prevention and sealant. During this time I finished up with me machine work on the lathe for the remote mount reservoir containers. While my work was done and had some time on my hands, I tried my hand at being creative, one department where I’m severely lacking, free hand sketches. Managed to at least get a sequence of sketches done of the planned roll cage. I must admit, these sketches is almost something I need to classify as secret, I do not think anyone else will be able to understand them. Due to the nature of the sketches I decided to be on the safe side and take some pictures in black & white to draw the roll cage in to make it môre understandable for someone else.


Saturday morning started of by measuring the old suspension, afterwards we stripped the old steering box, idler arm and linkages. The cross member was removed and cleaned. First of we removed the old strengthening stripes on the cross member and replaced them with a bigger piece of sheet metal to add strength to the unit and enable us to weld some rack mounts to it. The cross member was coated with a rust prevention paint before we added the metal sheet to it. The cross member was reinstalled to the car with the lower wishbones in place, then the measuring started to get the rack in the correct position. Everything was marked and measured and the cross member again removed, this cross member was probably removed about 5 times to make sure everything fits in the space available during the whole process, space is quite limited between the cross member and the SR motor, but still môre than enough to make this work. We build the rack mounts with the correct spacing to get the as close as possible to the desired or original horizontal angles when the car is lowered to ride height. On the bench everything was calculated and positioned and the rack mounts was welded to the cross member. Manufactured some mounts to secure the rack to the cross member. Reinstalled the cross member and wishbones, placed the rack on the mounts, made sure it is in position and marked their position. Removed everything and drilled the holes. Once all was done everything was bolted back to the car, the only minor problem that we have with the rack is the front to back position. The rack is about 10 – 20mm môre to the front than the steering arm on the struts. This will be fixed by moving the rack another 10mm to the rear. This will be done by getting a new feed line made and rerouting it, by doing this we gain the extra 10mm. The rest will be gained by adjusting the track rods to pull the struts forward. Castor will be added on the bottom and also wheelbase, this means I will need to adjust less castor on the top castor / camber plates. I finished of the day’s work by grinding the bottom welds of the fuel cell holder, in order to do some painting the next morning on the underside, managed to squeeze some last bit of energy out to paint the inside welds of the holder.

Sunday morning started of with a paint brush in hand, painted all the welds on the underside of the car. Moved to the inside and sealed all the seams with polyurethane sealer. This kept me busy until lunch. Later the afternoon I returned to the workshop and started documenting bolts and nuts needed, created a complete inventory of parts that has to go for electro plating.

Work planned for the next visit would be one of the following or a combination, mount the radiator and oil cooler, refit the front radiator support or fit a steering column if I’m able to source one.

More Pictures – 24 September 2010 – Fuel Cell Holder & Power Steering Rack

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