22 October 2011 – Assembly

Since the spraying on the car is done, except the front fenders which needs to be fitted and cut, I started with assembly, what a great feeling to put the parts back in place, some of which was in storage for more than a year and six months. All the parts that I have been sourcing can finally go to its designated location, this must be the best feeling of any huge project car.

The first areas I concentrated on was the front and rear suspension, once this is in place and done, moving the car around to assemble the rest will just be easier. I started with the front suspension as 98% of the parts are 100% done, not like the rear upper control arms that still need a few small changes, everything went back to its place without a huge struggle on the front portion, but a few delays on the rear hubs wasted far too much time, the only reason I could think this would’ve happened was the fact that there is a few ford parts and as we all know the only method of assembling or dissembling a ford is to use the biggest hammer to your disposal, since this is no ford a hammer was out of the question. During the day we struggled with a unwelcome guest, luckily his visit was short lived and we could continue.

During the last 2-3 weeks I received my newest batch of lazer cutting back and could take the sump and battery box for welding, I’m very happy about the outcome. Just by making these parts thru the week, I probably saved a weekend in the process which is a huge benefit to me.

On my last visit to the car, work started on Friday evening, first on the list was getting the sump on the motor, a few tweaks and changes here and there and everything slipped in place. The original oil pickup was warmed and bent to pick up the oil lower in the new sump and a brace was added to strengthen it. The next morning I started with the upper oil pan, after applying some Lock Tight gasket sealer, it was bolted in place and soon after the sump, while I was busy with the motor, work continued fitting the engine mounts, power steering pump, VVL solenoids, distributor, flywheel and clutch assembly.

The rest of the day and night was used to bend the mock up brake lines, this is quite a time consuming job to figure out what is available, what can be imported and how the final layout should look like, a specially with a car which lines will be on the inside. Before I could do the front left brake line, I had to mount the radiator expansion tank, while i was busy drilling holes, I moved onto the fuel side of things in the boot as everything will be located there, only hard lines to the front and short flexible lines to the fuel rail and back. I decided a while ago to keep my low pressure parts on the one side and the high pressure on the other side. Between 12 and 1 the morning I started mocking around with the fuel filler, luckily for me this revealed a few challenges and will be placed at the back of the queue for now.

On Sunday morning I continued with the brake and fuel lines. Later on the motor went in to find a temporary solution on the intake side of things, my end goal will be to run the engine with a set of 60mm throttles, but that will be a venture for next year, for now I will cut and weld the original intake to get the car going. Later the day my father arrived and we work out the layout for the main battery leads, then also shuffled a few items in the engine bay as the right hand side was getting to cluttered.

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