22 May 2010 – Construction on the Transmission Tunnel Started

Work started on the covers just below the Firewall box, they were made and welded in place to determine the exact position were the main transmission tunnel should be welded in place. After my accident on the previous visit with the TIG welder I was very occupied by keeping my glare far away from the bright light. The main tunnel was welded in place and followed by the piece that joins the main tunnel to the firewall box. The further we went and the more pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that want into place the sturdier the tunnel became. While we were busy on the inside we were constantly reminded about the mess the previous owners left us with.

As you can see from the photos, this is one stripped out Datsun B110. The rest of the day was used to grind and cleanup all the welding spots and weld the sills to the floors, another thing that the previous owner forgot to do. Lying/sitting underneath a car with a grinder in hand is also not something on my list that I like to do, all the crap first end on you then on the floor as you are directly beneath the grinder.

The motor was then refitted to motor and gearbox was then refitted to make sure the gearbox fits and the gearlever position marked. This also provided me with the opportunity to have a look at the clearances between the sump and cross member as I will need to purchase a new sump or manufacture one. A very good opportunity to get a baffled sump with a bigger capacity for oil. All the welding spots was given a fresh coat of paint to prevent rust from forming while we were busy building this tunnel. While I was painting I also decided to clean the rest of the inside and also give it a coat of paint, it is just easier on the eye and to work in a clean environment.

Looking at the steering wheel, this particular one is past it’s usable stage. But I like the look of it, especially for the age of the car, automotive trimmers reckon it will not be fixable as the foam beneath the leather is damaged, maybe a good time to start looking for a nice suede covered Sparco unit.

More Pictures – 22 May 2010 – Construction on the Transmission Tunnel Started

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