21 January 2012 – Rear Firewall & Assembly VI

It has been a very frantic week running around for parts and work to be done, but I managed to get to the most of it. Part of this driving around like a mad chicken was picking up my Cyclone wheels, these have been widened to 8J to fit the 205/60 R13 rubber better and fill the arches, seeing that the racing rims is 8J wide. Also in the post was a set of harnesses. Hopefully the coming week I can receive the first batch of lazer-cutting for the year.

On arrival Friday, I started final assembly of the fluid containers in the engine bay, hopefully this will be the last time they are removed as I’m quite done with all sorts of parts hanging around and not fastened to the car. Afterwards, I spend some time with Ignition parts for my brothers Datsun 1200 which kept me busy for quite some time. Just before the morning hours dawned on me, I just had to at least look at the mounting points for the harnesses.

Saturday morning started early with the rear firewall, I have never before walked back and forth between car and workbench like this before, remove 1mm here fit, just to walk back and remove 1 on the other side, this kept us busy for quite some time. Then it was time to fit the supports to the firewall which comprised of 25x2mm Aluminium angle, these also acted as the mounting point for 2 other plates to cover the majority of the whole in the rear.

The rest of the evening was used to manufacture a feed line between power-steering pump and reservoir.

Sunday was all about adding the finishing touches to the aluminium parts and to mount as much as possible. First in line was sanding the alu parts with 150 grit paper attached to the orbital sander to add a brush finish, I must admit, it looks great, but will be a bugger to keep clean, then again, I can just slide the sander over the parts again and it would be clean, let’s see how it goes in the years to come.

After drives in a A6 and N rally car last year, I fell in love with harnesses made by a company called Schroth, being the most comfortable and easily adjustable harnesses I’ve ever used, partly due to the fact that they are some of the only FIA approved 3″ shoulder and 2″ lap&crotch variants out there, I just had to find a place that sells them, that didn’t take long and a set of Profi-II 6 point units were in the post.

After spending some time under the power-steering rack, kicking and swearing at it endlessly, it was decided that the coming weekend will be used to redesign the brackets as the current ones work great, but aint that great when it comes to removing it. The power-steering cooler was designed, hopefully they can bend the 10-mm Bundi tubing this week as my handheld bender isn’t strong enough to bend the tubing. Afterwards the sealer was whipped out and the assembly started again, first the spacers for the centre console, then the rear firewall and fuel cell spacers and finally the steering column dust cover.

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