21 April 2010 – Gearbox sourced

It did not take a lot of rocket science to decide on the gearbox, the easiest would be to use the Nissan S14 box so called FS5W71C. Only downside to the specific box would be that the gearbox tunnel would need to be modified, but then it would have to be done for all bigger boxes.

Diff that would be used is a BMW E30 3.64 LSD.

The thought of building a Independent Rear Suspension for a 1200 got the better of me, especially in South Africa were sourcing a LS for our Borg Warner diffs is virtually impossible.

Decided on using the S14 RWD flywheel with minor modifications to get the FWD starter to align correctly with the ring gear teeth. Using the FWD starter helps a lot, no cutting of the VE block.

Then the S14 RWD upper oils pan was sourced, this provides more space between the motor and the frame of the 1200. The biggest reason for this is the fact that 4 more bolts line up. Thanks Rezlo. With the original VE Upper oil pan only the 4 bolts on the left(from driver seat) line up, using the RWD pan allows the bottom 4 bolts also to be usable, Only the 3 of 4 bolts around the starter is still out of alignment, but this is a easy fix with a few pieces of metal.

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