17 September 2011 – Spray Painting

After arriving at my parents’ home were the car is located, a quick cup of coffee later and I found my way down to the workshop to inspect the newly arrived parts, first on the list was the pillow ball shock mounts and various washers that came back from plating. After looking thru my parts table I noticed that my father went by the machine shop to pick up my drop links for the steering, these were machined from a piece of solid hexogen, this is one of the last puzzle pieces of the front suspension completed, only the steering rack brackets and mounting of the calipers remain. On a previous visit I spend a lot of time figuring out how to make/modify the oil filter housing, at the end of the day I ended up cutting a large piece of from the old housing, machining a new piece. I had these welded in place with some modified AN10 bungs, the end product is a SR20VE oil block with AN10 input/output and a pressure/temp sensor location.

Saturday morning up at 6am to gain a slight advantage before my father came down to the workshop, the first order of business was to get the front suspension together in order to help with moving the car around. On his arrival we started masking the exterior up. This took us more or less 2hours to get the exterior isolated from the interior. We moved the car outside, gave it a final clean and started mixing up the Off White 2k colour coat. 3 Hours, 3lt of paint and 2 air filters later, the interior was completely covered in white paint. I must say, the weather was so perfect that we had to use a fan to get some of the fumes out of the car to increase visibility. While we had the white all mixed up, we sprayed some of the brackets and panels to.

After lunch, the weather allowed us to prepare a few other brackets and parts for paint, I’ve always been a huge fan of a fine silver paint, but especially a darker variant, I got hold of some black 2k paint and mixed myself a nice gun metal colour for all the other interior brackets and parts, I ended with 3l of this gun metal which will be used on a select few exterior parts like uprights, spot light mounting and A Frame brackets. These parts was sprayed and hanged to dry.

Sunday morning was spent doing some final preparation work on the engine bay, one item less to worry about when spraying the exterior. After lunch we were in such a good mood since the interior and parts is done in colour, that we spend the afternoon fitting the bonnet pins. As many things, this ended up aligning the fenders and bonnet before we could start drilling a few holes for the pins. I just need to get a few plates cut the support the pins.

Monday afternoon I collected the rest of the materials needed to spray the exterior of the car. As you would know by now, the car will be done with the old BRE colour scheme, but the majority blue one.

Material list:

5lt Nissan Marine Blue 2k

3lt Nissan Formula White 2k

1lt Nissan Firecracker Red 2k

500ml Nissan Marine Blue Satin 2k

4lt Medium Hardener 2k

2lt Thinners 2k

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