16 April 2010 – Datto moved to a bigger shed

I got my father interested in the idea of building a old school racing car and he made a little space in his workshop. The only down side to this arrangement is the fact that I can only go and work on it over weekends as it is about 110km’s from my residence in Cape Town. Thanks Dad.

After a lot of home work, I decided to not go ahead with a full race build A15 motor, it was just not a viable option anymore as I’m allowed to use a 2.0lt engine in my class. The race motor would be a bugger to drive around town as this vehicle must be road legal and be able to travel on public roads. After some more consideration and the fact that I need to cut away the old floors in the car and replace them, why not fit a bigger motor and stronger gearbox. More power for less money, now this can be argued, but in the long run I do believe it will be a cheaper option. Stephin, a friend, mentioned the one day that a SR20 motor would be a good option, but specifically the VVL (Nissan Ecology Oriented Variable Valve Lift and Timing) motor. I do not know if I need to be angry or over joyed about the fact that he mentioned this to me, started reading and after a week or two was sold on the idea that my datto will be fitted with some serious Nissan power. Stephin put me in contact with Hanief Parker that sell these units in Cape Town, another person that I think I should hit with a brick or thank for providing the excellent info and tips regarding anything Datsun/Nissan to me. If it wasn’t for these two people, I would still be trying to figure out what I can do to a A15 motor. I purchased a SR20VE from Hanief, I think since that day I have spend more time on the phone and in his shed than I have done with my girlfriend, always willing to help and source some parts or a way to get something done. Thanks a lot Stephin and Hanief.

The existing rear wiring loom of the datto was converted by me and Selina to enable the rear lights to work when towed on a A Frame. My Father and Jan helped to build a front bumper to mount the A Frame. My brother helped me to get the whole load organized. This was one heavy load for the bakkie, SR20VE on the back and the Datto on a A Frame following and Franschhoek Pass between us and the new shed. Everything went fine and on arrival at my parents home we started unloading and making plans to get it mounted.

Did not take me long to get the motor stripped to only the essentials and cleaned up. Started the trial fitting of the motor in the small engine compartment, right from the get go it was apparent that either the distributor and VVL controller will need to be relocated or the firewall modified.

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