14 May 2011 – Bodywork

Not a lot has happened that I can show you, but we started with the bodywork, the idea is to get this done as the first priority. You would also see that the front suspension has not been build, the idea around this is that if we get bad weather on a day we can work on the mechanical side of things. This is a win win  situation for me as I now have more time to gather parts.

It seems that we are finish with all the welding on the body and started to get this cleaned up with some body filler. Some of you that knows the 1200 very good would notice that I removed the rear bumper indents as I’m not going to use any bumpers on the car. The previous owner also sprayed half the rear end of the car with stone chip, I removed this,  as I want the back to be smooth, this is going to be a lot of work but I’ll get there. The rear of the car currently looks like a chameleon.

I was lucky enough to source a set of Nissan 200SX S13 front knuckles, this will form the basis of the front suspension, this is a win for me as I already have 2 30mm wide alu spacers that converts 4/114 – 4/100 pcd. On the braking front the S13 Calipers will not be replaced with the S14 units I bought previously, but with a set of Wilwood’s. Lower Control Arms will be completely new custom build units so to the Track rods. I’ll be taking the car to the police clearance department within the next month to get a Reference number stamped as I’m going to remove the current number, this will allow me to replace the current top plate on the shock towers with a plate that will form the top plate of my Pillow Ball Mounting that will be Camber/Caster adjustable.

Hopefully this weekend we will finish with all the body filler work and start getting the interior of the car ready for some paint. I still have to form some sort of plan to get the interior sprayed, the roll cage is not going to make this a easy task.

More Pictures – 14 May 2011 – Bodywork

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