11 December 2011 – Assembly IV & Interior

Seeing that there is a slight light in the tunnel when it comes to getting the car finished, I decided not to take the normal leave between Christmas and New Years this year, but rather take a week before the big days to work on the car, atleast If I need something in the period, some of the shops will still be open and able to help me.

I decided to get all or atleast the mayority of mechanical work done on the car, with doing it this way, atleast I can bring the car back home to work on the wires etc, this meant the radiator fan, wiper motor, throttle cable etc had to find there permanent home. It turns out that the throttle body was mounted in such a way that the cable could be made nice and short but still be out of the way.

During the weeks i was busy designing a few Aluminium parts like the coil mounting bracket, new Fuel Surge Tank, Oil Breather Tank, Dash and Center console, to house the switshes and hide the wires etc. My second last order of parts for the year also arrived which included some brake fluid, ARP wheel studs, Earls brake lines and fittings.

Shortly after arriving at the car, I started test fitting the new parts and was quite happy. Then the work commenced with getting the center console in place, for that I had to machine some spacers from aluminium to raise the gearbox tunnel effectivly 25 mm, this allowed enough space to mount switches and hide wiring.

Brake Piping

It was quite a time consuming job to manufacture little brackets to hold the Hard line to soft line brackets which bolts to the upper control arm brackets, once this was in place I started the final fitment of the rear hard lines and then proceeded to get the Earls line’s in place. Luckily the set of coil overs came with some nice brackets with a grommet to help route brake lines and keep them away from the wheels, these and a few cable ties and all was sorted, the same was done with the fronts, but a few bugs crept in and had to be extermenated in town, once all this was done, I could finally add some sleeving and grommets.

Fuel System

Still trying to finalize the installation, I tackled the fuel system in the boot as all the parts was done, besides the pipes which will be done next year. It was quite a struggle to get the remote filler in place as the manufacturers abviously had no idea about pride in their work, fitted the Fuel sending unit and bolted it in place., the same was done to the pumps and filters, the filters is just missing some fittings as I made a mistake when I ordered the fittings. The fuel pipes which consist of bungy tubing in sizes 8mm feed and 6mm return line. The pipes was bend previously from the rear to just infront of the firewall. The pieces to complete the lines to the engine bay took a lot longer than the ones from the rear to the front. Having forgot to pick the last batch of electro plating, i couldn’t finish the pipes as the AN3 steel fitting that I want to silver solder to the ends was missing, will finish that on the next visit, atleast another item I can remove from the list.


This is propably the department that was neglected the most, besides the mechanical parts like the hydro handbrake, pedals etc. I bought a sheet of 2mm Aluminium plate and had it cut and bend into a few peices like rear firewall, kick plates, dash, center console etc. Work started on the dash which had to be fitted between the roll cage and follow the contour of the windshield. Once tjis was in place the master cylinder reservoirs could be mounted followed by the only guage on the car, a Air/Fuel unit, the reason the car only has the one guage is becuase the dash will feature a DASH2 from Race-Technology, afterwards the ignition switch was mounted. Once these pieces was in place I could move onto the making a mounting plate for the 2 dual channel igniters and mangement unit. The map sensor was mounted and the wires routed to determine the correct length needed, in order to solder the pins to them and get them in the firewall connectors. Now I’m just waiting for my Alu welder to start in the new year to get the pieces finished, atleast I can work on the wires. The battery disconnect switch was mounted in the most rear portion of the center console, reason for this is that I will be running two disconnect cables to the switch.

Seeing that I needed some space in the engine bay for the radiator reservoir/bleeder tank, it was decided that we will relocate the wiper motor to the inside of the car, never did I realise this job could take 5 hours to complete, but atleast it is done and I have more space in the engine bay.

Now that the interior pieces is halfway done, I can really start focusing on the wiring, atleast the mangement wiring, I’m dying to try and start the motor.

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