Zakspeed Escort – Intro


I am building a Group two Zakspeed lookalike to use for track racing. I am building  this car not according to any specific  rules or any regulations. I am building it to the best of my ability with in the money limits I have.

This may be a problem as our local track does not have a open class like most other tracks in South Africa. But there are a few invitational and other events where  specific  class and car type does not matter.

My Project started in April 2011. During this time and some years to follow I was in out of South Africa for work purposes which led to a slow start, not that things really got up to a flying  pace.

I have posted my build as it went along from the start on Ford Escort Club SA but have now decided to share this on other sites as viewing on the Ford Escort Club SA is limited to members only.

I will basically copy and paste from the Escort Club SA forum and do some editing just to make sure it makes sense. From there I will update as I go.

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