Zakspeed Escort – History


My father bought the Escort back in 1982 from his friend for R5300 with only a few kilos on the clock.

Yes that is my mother

The car has been in our family ever since, it was passed on to my sister and then to me where I F%$# it up actually very quickly, had my first accident 3 months after I got my license and there went the originality with it.

A year later the compression rings where worn out and then I had my first engine mods done. I ported the head, balanced the engine, lightened the fly wheel, re profiled the camshaft to  BFC3 specifications and added a 36dcd Weber carberetor, kicked out 73kw and 140Nm

After a year or two I did a 2l Zetec conversion and changed the car to a track toy and used it for Gymkhanas and some open track days.

After a short period of this I was looking for something more. I really wanted to get more involved in some track racing, hill climbs and thought some endurance racing would be a nice challenge.
All I had in my mind was to build a car just as I want it. Not to any specific glass or specifications.
I decided to go with a Zakspeed look and the rest of the car I went in blind.
After some research I started collecting parts while I was out of the country. It was a nice feeling buying all these catalogue part that you always see in the UK Ford magizines. This did how ever cost me a arm and a leg. But for me I always had the plan on doing the best that I can afford to build my car the way I see it.

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