Zakspeed Escort 2014 – Roll cage



The aim for this year was to get all body work complete, major things was the roll cage, sill stands and pedal box.

I fitted the the body kit properly with 6mm domed head allan caps. I wanted to do this now to see if they fit right as I want to make moulds while the car is in for its cage. I was worried that they don’t fit nicely because when I used to temporary fit them there where allot of gaps between them and the body. It seems like they needed some bending. It is almost if they were lying flat for some years and slightly bended flat. Well it still looks good.

Just the front scoop will need some shaping where it meets the wheel arches

I think the car should drop by another 40mm at the end off the day

With the jack under it it got a quick stock car feel to it

I received my polycarb panels from my mate at Madev, we shared a sheet between the two of us. It actually works out very cheap compared to imported versions. Cost saving on this “easy do it your self” is great.

Earlier the month I towed the car around the block to make sure that things was all ok, nothing broke and nothing bend so all good

I moved my car to Herman to start on the roll cage. He and his brother have all the necessary tools and the ones they don’t have they make.

We started marking the cage floor point positions and made some cage sections of 40mm pvc pipe.

Mike’s pipe bender…

Work started on the cage, all looking good so far.

The decision was made to drill holes in the floor to be able to lower the pipes to weld on top

We are basically building the roll cage according to appendix J of the FIA. There is probably double the amount of bars in there than what I have seen in the cars at Killarney. Very few cars have proper roll cages…

The main bar, lateral half roll bars, main bar to turrets and cross from main bar to turrets, main bar to half roll bar reinforcements is in.

The seat, Sebring Pro Gt. This cost me 2K more than it should have. I ordered from ATS and after looking at all the size specs I decided on the standard size. I could fit, but there was no allowance for weight gain or space for air for my balls to breathe. Had to send it back for the bigger GT size.

Here is the Dutsun parked in the Escorts spot and visa versa.

The cage is about 80% done. Its not welded to the body yet, the door crosses still needs to be done and some bars are only tacked in place. I now need to redo my tunnel to make the seat fit before the rest can go on.

I made the tunnel smaller for the seat to fit.

Looks great

The steering column is about 90% complete. Collected some laser cut parts yesterday to complete the steering rack.  The Willwood quick release coupler is a load of shit. The amount of play in those is so much that I can not foresee any body using it.
I am getting Herman’s quick release as his is to big for his setup. Waiting until he is ready to take his off. Then I will make the adapter from the coupler to the steering wheel. I made a temporary one in the mean while.

Bracket with rose joint on fire wall

Bracket with rose joint at the roll cage, I still need to add more support

I started with my sill stands, bought me a nice second hand cut off saw to cut the pipes for the sill stands at the angles required. Still had big gaps to weld though… eish.

I made a timber jig to get them all the same. Cut, weld and drilled the holes for the pins

Welded on the pins

Still have to add the supports on the stands

Did my first draai bank work. Did the pins for the stands and made a new steering column shaft from the old one


I welded the support to the steering bracket at the cage, I also moved the whole bracket more to the left as it was not center

My pedal box is coming along, already seeing some issues

Pedal box almost done. I still need to do the shaft, sort out the clutch push rod and complete the accelerator.

I had the pedal box plated and powder coated. Now it looks bought and not build….

I made my sill stand trolleys. Hope fully they do not flex. Next time will do them differently. The wheels might be to small and the wheels must be on bearings. Since I made them I have put the normal car stands on them while sorting out the sill stand body brackets. When loaded I can see the wheels taking strain. Although they are rated at 50kg each which totals 800kg and the car is far less currently things do not seem great.  With time we will fix this.

I started on the holes in the body to fit the sill stands. I made plates with holes that goes on the outside. Welded these on and then drilled through the body.

I took a pipe welded on a flange and pushed that through from the inside. I welded the flange to the inside of the body and the pipe to the outer plate.

I received all my brake pipes and fitting. Now it is a easy bolt together.

Including the residual valves. They are tiny things to what I thought it will be.

Got my seat brackets  back from laser cutting.

I did some work on the cage seat brackets

I welded the receiving brackets to the pipes and the pipes to the body angles

I have made slots so that the seat is adjustable left to right.

Laser cut some washers for this setup.

Took the cage pipe out to get a proper weld on the seat pipe.

The seat brackets also has slots for the seat to move back to front.


This is my T5 rebuild kit. All Tremec parts with Timken bearings.

Box cleaned and ready for the rebuild. Thinking of packing this in with me to Langebaan and assemble this while I am on holiday. I know my woman will love me for this It looks like such a nice job.


2015 coming soon………….

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