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Bakkie The suspension modifications made on the bakkie, really started kicking in and the results were immediately visible by the times and the stance of the bakkie in sharp hard corners. Understeer, front-end grip and roll was a lot better. On every real wheel drive vehicle in the sport, I will recommend dual anti roll bars in the front – Thanks Pieter Ludick. After two runs in the escort, it was identified that the escort is in serious need of anti tramp bars in the rear,

also something I will keep in mind for the bakkie. Rear tramp became a problem after the cement surface started drying. The strange thing about cement is, rubber doesn’t stick to it, it rather forms a rubber dust than leaving marks.

In overall it was

the best day for the Bakkie so far, 5th in Class F, we knocked 1sec of the times from our competitors, just by fiddling with a few suspension settings.

The Escort won the class on the last run of the day, after a few changes to the driving style and lines. Huge horsepower isn’t all that is needed in this sport. The perfect line, amount of braking before and in mid corner, amount of throttle exciting a corner and suspension is what is important.

Thanks to everyone that helped with the vehicles for the event and on the day, we appreciate it.

Diffirential gears isn't made to look like this

Just to set the record straight, Ruan job well done, not even a grinder and a hammer would make it look like this.

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On our last run at the 22nd Casino Mykonos Langebaan Gymkhana, we entered the last sector of the

route, just as we came around a right hand turn, we just here this loud clap following with a few of these *&%#, we retired.

We new it wasn’t clutch, so it had to be more to the rear. After pushing it back to the pits, we jacket it up and started praying that it was the diff inner and

not a side shaft. Tuesday we stripped it, luckily for us it is the planetary & sun gears that just decided 2.0lt Zetec power was enough. Bugger, and I thought a set of throttles and decent cams will make it more interesting. Luckily not side shafts, as that would mean more machining to get the disc brakes to fit new side shafts.

We sourced a donor diff on Tuesday afternoon even before we new what exactly it is.


The Escort will be up and running over the weekend.

Team Race-tech celebrates another Victory, 1st & 8th place Class F

A great day of racing in general @ 22nd Casino Mykonos Langebaan Gymkhana on 18 April 2009

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ter” title=”22nd Casino Langebaan Gymkhana” src=”” alt=”Herman&Ruan4″ width=”624″ height=”468″ />

This must be the best event so far, all our expectations were thrown out the door at arrival to the track on Friday evening at early entry. We where so scared of the rumored paving’s that everyone told us about.

What, we thought to ourselves, if your are competing for a decent time and not there to be a showoff the paving’s isn’t that bad. Obviously from time to time an honest accident from pushing to hard does happen, but hey, isn’t that what racing is about.

Our first few runs went quite well, learning all the correct lines with the bakkie following with the escort. We played around with tire pressures, stiffness of the bakkies rear suspension, while improving our times on each run. I must admit, Ruan is starting to get to grips with the Escort, I honestly believe that the car was driving Ruan around until our 3rd run in it on Saturday, Ruan proved, that he is in control of it and have learned it’s tricks. On the 4th run he was really giving the car a bit of

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it’s own medicine, locking up brakes, sliding it towards the paving on hard braking, on exits of corners drifting it towards tires.

On the navigation side of things, we had times in the bakkie that there were more confusion than actual facts about the correct routes, but we pulled thru and only had one very badly driven line due my fault and not his, but, the rest of the factual confusion came from his side. A phrase in Ruan’s words: “Ek moet aan my navigasie werk”.

We learned a few valuable lessons on this event, the bakkie needs more work than we thought, the idea

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from day one with it was to use it as a vehicle to learn the track better, but hey, we all want to go faster as this kind of motorsport is starting to grow on us. The bakkie will need a lot of work on the front suspension, fitting a set of kick ass semi slicks isn’t the answer. Camber, Caster, bigger anti roll/sway bars, stiffer springs this is what help times. As the Escort is living prove of it. Not even a bigger engine will help, if you can’t get that power to the ground or carry that speed thru a corner, you wasted your money. This goes for the escort to, it needs a Limited Slip Differential or a torsion diff badly. We are confident that this vehicle has not shown its full potential.

We will be doing our home work on getting the bakkies front suspension in shape and drool about a Quaife for the escort. Anyone wanting to donate one, get in touch we will drink your beer and place your own stickers on our vehicles.

One the last run with the escort, just as we entered stage 4 of the route we heard this loud clap, peep peep peep, something is @%$#&^, was the only thing that you would have heard in the cockpit. Just as we exit a right hand corner and where at full throttle the differential gave in. Well as they say, something has to give. But still what a disappointment to a otherwise perfect day.

We will be taking it apart int he week to figure out what was the weakest link in it, we suspect a spirale gear. Welding on leaf spring also proven a very bad idea, as the bakkie broke one on Sunday afternoon as we arrived back in Cape Town. Never will we weld on tempered steel again.

Thanks to all our friends that helped make this day a success, without your effort this wouldn’t be possible.

Feedback: Datsun Rear Suspension Stiffening Experiment

This worked well, but on a rear wheel drive Gymkhana vehicle you need as much possible travel

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on the rear wheel as possible and a progressive suspension, all or nothing doesn’t work as you start unload the inner wheel when cornering hard. We tested a

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ll possible settings this weekend on the 22nd Casino Mykonos Langebaan Gymkhana.

It helps for rear end stiffening, but sure as hell not for traction, body roll is a lot more in control, but in our case we need some to keep the wheels to the ground.

The one thing that we did learn from this experiment

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for gymkhana setup, the front of a rear wheel drive vehicle should be hard and the back soft or to an extend that excessive body roll starts creeping in.

On another note, never never ever and a day, weld anything to tempered steel like leaf springs, due to this experiment, I broke my left leaf and must replace both now to get rid of this upper leafs with the welded parts to it.

Will be using this as a opportunity to rebuild the rear leaf assembly to get rid of some excessive body roll that is impacting front end roll. All of this is part of the bigger picture.

Datsun Rear Suspension Stiffening Experiment

g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=353&g2_GALLERYSID=TMP_SESSION_ID_DI_NOISSES_PMT” alt=”BackClamp” width=”495″ height=”371″ />After my brother and I crawled around the Datsun last week looking for some interesting and cheap ways of stiffening the old ladies arse, we realized that these little bakkies leaf springs are quite interesting.
They have


4 blades, 3 is quite thin and are used for normal non loaded driving, the fourth one is what I know it as a helper leaf. It is only used when the vehicle is heavily loaded and is more that double the thickness of one of the other 3 leafs.
After some more investigation we came up with a plan to clamp the top 3 to the helper leaf,

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thus the vehicle will be lower to the ground and suspension travel will be limited a lot while stiffness greatly improved.
Yesterday evening Johan and I installed these 10 x 50mm Flat bar pieces to the bakkie. We found a reference point to measure ride height and suspension travel. We were astonished with the results, this old lady is as tight as an 18 year old.

Here are the results:
Clamped Loaded – 85kg Measurement Remarks
Not Not 283mm
Not Yes 248mm 35mm travel
Yes Not 250mm 33mm drop
Yes Yes 238mm 12mm travel
Adjustable Pending Pending Pending
Adjustable Pending Pending Pending

We took it for a drive and found it losing traction very easily around sharp corners. Obviously this was to much. We raised the bakkie on one corner and realized that it starts lifting the wheel. We basically replaced body roll with wheel lift, travel will have to be increased. Ruan joined, after some more experiments we loosened one of the clamps on each side on the front of the leafs and the travel increased, now we are able to adjust travel and stiffness as needed.

Next step will be to weld the top bracket to the leaf, this will ease installation and adjustment and also keep the clamp in place. Last night this was done, it works beautiful, just a shame there will be no time for some practicing before this weekends race. Won’t mind to get time to test and adjust these pieces. – Do not do this, we learned the hard way that welding on leaf springs will cause them to brake and waste your Sunday afternoon resting time.

Have a look at more detailed pictures of the Datsun Rear Suspension Stiffening Experiment

Note: this is not recommended for normal day to day driving

Dual SU Carbs

Just a quick heads up on the Head and Carbs for the Datsun.

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/gallery/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=332&g2_GALLERYSID=403cf6ce8cc6eb157f4bf9fc96e3e418″ alt=”SUs Stripped” width=”576″ height=”432″ />

The A12GX head is all cleaned up. After a 2 day long cleanup session, everything is ready for

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Ports is as clean as I can get them, gasket areas are shinning and ready for some new ones. The valves Seats are grind.
Yesterday, me and my brother prepped all the clean parts and reassembled the head. It is know wrapped and waiting for an installation date after the 2nd May 2009. We have a month gab between gymkhanas after the 2nd, so this will be the ideal time to install all these parts and eliminate all problems.

The HS4 SU Carburetors have been stripped and checked; so far I can so no damage to the parts. No cracks, holes or excessive wear. The next steps will be to get this all cleaned up for further inspection and reassemble them. Then they can also move next to the head on the shelf for installation.

This is killing me, knowing I sit with all these parts and have to wait to get them installed, o well; at least it gives me time to get everything ready.

Electric fan must be installed and wired up, the

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brackets for the helper leaves on the back suspension need to be made and tested. Hope this stiffens it up nicely, could be a cheap mod for starters to the back suspension. The branch must be sources and wrapped with Heat Wrap, and let no one tell you different, this exhaust wrap is expensive, R450 for a 15m roll, just enough for a 4 cylinder branch.

I’ll be off to go pull some more hair, this waiting is killing me.

Datsun A12GX Head & Dual SU Carb Project Started

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HeadCarbsDirtyLast weekend, after my official duties online viagra at the Toyota Dealership Rally out in Caledon where finished, I decided to drive to my parents in Doornrivier for a visit and to get my little hands on some old Datsun parts.

One of the best decisions in a long time. It took me back a few years when my brother used to

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tinker with these little motors. These parts is almost like family treasures, as a lot of it came from my dad that also used to play with Datsun engines.

The idea of this project is to get these parts all cleaned up, assembled and installed on the bakkie, if memory serves correct there will be no need for mayor structural changes to the parts as A12-A14 engines are very interchangeable. The head was first on a A12 and later on a A14 that seized two pistons due to,  to much compression and running on normal 97 octane fuel (back in the day of 97 octane in SA).

The motor where rebuild and a spacer where added between the bottom end and head to drop the compression enough. This engine had a lot of torque and also very responsive.

The Head:

The Carbs:

Johan (friend) started yesterday stripping the parts and the huge cleanup process. To my amazement the valves came out much easier than expected. I thought these double valve springs are going to require some serious fore arm strength, a knock with a hammer on the valve spring retainer was all that where needed, but still far more difficult than a head with only one set of valve springs.

Later on Ruan joined me, we had a long discussion around the SU carbs as they are fairly new to him, my knowledge on them is also quiet limited, thus it took some time explaining the operation of these carburetors. For more information regarding SU Carburetors, visit Wikipedia

The idea is to get all planned and assembled before 2 May 2009, after the 2nd May we want to start bolting these beauties to the bakkie, in the whole process I also want to swop the flywheel out for one that is  lightened and replace the stock clutch and pressure plate with a Datsun Pulsar unit, these are larger and still just a bolt on.  The other modifications that will be done at the same time is the fitment of a electric fan and a 4 into 1 branch exhaust manifold.

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1st & 6th place Class F @ 2nd Fairbridge Mall Gymkhana

What a day of racing this was!

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ownloadItem&g2_itemId=80&g2_GALLERYSID=403cf6ce8cc6eb157f4bf9fc96e3e418″ alt=”Ruan Reynders and Herman Mathee” width=”448″ height=”299″ />

Friday 27 April we placed some stickers on the escort, just to give it that personal touch. The spares and tools were


packed and we were ready for the action on Saturday.

Saturday 28 April the day started early, tyre pressures were checked and double checked on both vehicles. After that we moved to the racing venue at Fairbridge Mall in Brackenfell. After we picked our spot in the pit area we parked the vehicles and started setting up our Gazebo that would provide our shade for the rest of the day.

We moved the vehicles to the scrutineers, were it was left until our entries were finalized and we received our numbers and stickers for the day. The Escort were moved from pre-race entry number 63 to 54 to avoid confusion, the reason is quite obvious. From now on the escort will always be competing as number 54. The bakkie was entered as number 39 to provide us with enough time to get the escort ready for his run and to evaluate the lines we did with the bakkie. The vehicles passed scrutinering with flying colors.

Herman Mathee and Ruan Reynders 2Afterwords it was time to start the long walk, this is a must in the sport of gymkhana, a while ago I told one of my friends gymkhana is as much as getting fit as it is about racing.

We walked the set out route for the day more or less 4 times. Afterwords we stopped for some refreshments and started walking the route again, this time it was securely planted in our heads but we tried to figure out what lines we would take to give the best outcome and times at the end of the day.

With all of that done, the groundwork for the day was laid. Now it was just a matter of having a look at the different drivers lines around the course and learn from there mistakes. As the time approached for the bakkie to warm up and move to the starting line, the nerves were tingling all over, excitement you cannot describe to someone that has never competed.

Our moto: let the first run count, this helps a lot with the rest of the day. At least you now you have one time that counts. You can only improve on it.

The bakkie posted a time of 1:00.44.

After a brief wait it was the escorts’ time for his first run, we warmed up the slicks and made sure the new brake setup was al working and proceeded to the start cialis canadian pharmacy line. Our first run in the escort was a 1:07.38; we must have received a 10sec penalty somewhere. I have confirmed that we hit cone 4.

As the day went on, we tried different lines, amounts of wheel spin, braking points, etc. This was our second time competing in any Gymkhana, we are still learning to drive and all the different characteristics of the vehicles.

The bakkie posted a best time for the day of 0:59.65 on the 2nd round, we were happy with the time and used the rest of the runs to figure out how we are going to get that escort into the 54sec bracket.

Times started dropping for the escort, to a best time of 0:55.56 on the 3rd round. We returned to our pit area knowing that we will be in the top 3 with our current times. After a lot of head scratching we decided to raise the limiter with 500rpm to 7325rpm. This motor sounds so a live from 7000rpm+.

We returned to the starting line for our last run, as we were waiting we knew that no Class F vehicle have posted a time under 55sec, and that became our target, if we can get into the sub 55sec bracket the class win will be ours. And that is exactly what we did. The run was so smooth, wheel spin kept to the minimum, enough momentum thru corners to ensure good acceleration to the next, it was just perfect.

And yes, we have done it, the time came back as a 0:54.86, this meant our first class win and a 13th Overall position.

What a day of competitive competition in all the classes, especially class f, never have I seen times so close between the first 5 cars in the class. Excellent racing, thanks to all drivers, navigators and organizers for the day.

Especially thanks to our friends and family for supporting us and all the help on the day and before whilst preparing these to vehicles. goes live with WordPress

This will be the home of Racing Technologies.

A thought that came to mind a few months ago while spending some time on one of my friends and racing partner’s very neat Ford Escort MK II.

We have spend countless hours working on this car to get

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it were it is today, in short it went through a transformation stage of starting of as the normal run around for the family to a dream of a young man. I want a racing car, not the normal fast street car, but a decent racing car that still had that classic feel to it. That is all for know, you’ll see and here a lot of this little vehicle in the articles to come.

Our biggest challenge with building this vehicle is and

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will be sourcing of parts and new ideas in

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the local South African market.

And this is were the idea of the site came from, maybe just maybe we can help someone out there with some thought or an idea to what will help your little project there in the back of the garage that is waiting for some very very expensive parts from the UK or just some local knowledge gathered around a racing track or at a braai.

Mathee Auto Developments