Car Boat Truck Mechanical & Bodyworks

Car Boat Truck Mechanical & Bodyworks came on board as a bodywork sponsor, they will keep their eye on all bodywork to keep Datto looking neat.

The owner Chris Gillomee did not waste any time in getting his hands onthe car or should I rather say pieces of it. I dropped the flares at Chris and he immediately knew exactly what I had in mind and jumped at the opportunity to mix up a special batch of Matt Black, a few days later the paint was cured and on first site I was very happy, the relationship between matt and a slight sheen was perfect, thanks Chris and the whole team from Car Boat Truck Mechanical & Bodyworks out in Triangle Farm that made this possible.

Please give Chris Gillomee a call if you need any bodywork or mechanical work done on 021 949 3636 or send an email to the address in the picture.
While you’re at the shop ask Chris to show you his pet project Tiger 1.

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