Ford Escort MKII Adjustable Monotube Gravel Shock

Some goodies arrived from the pommies, but they forgot to add the springs for the front units.

2 x Gaz GMO-368RBT – Ford Escort MKII Adjustable Front Monotube Gravel Shock
2 x Gaz GP6-2069 – Ford Escort MKII Adjustable Rear Monotube Gravel Shock

These are Ford Escort MKII Adjustable Monotube Gravel Shock Un

its, basically the same spec Bilstein units that were run on the legendary MKII of the late 70's and 80's but the shocks is adjustable. A friend and I will use the same setups, viagra pills thus we will need less spares between the two of us, also making playing with imported springs easier on the pocket.
You will also notice these are all steel, ALU does not last to long on a gravel car.

Current spring rates will be 250 lbs/in front and 225 lbs/in rear for the initial setup until I have a

better idea of what I'm doing on the gravel, all springs will be 12″ long with a 2.25″ ID with a helper spring to assist with keeping tension on the main springs in the event of some airtime.

Now the fun starts to build new lower control arms, top mounts, spacers and steering arms.