Race-tech.co.za goes live with WordPress

This will be the home of Racing Technologies.

A thought that came to mind a few months ago while spending some time on one of my friends and racing partner’s very neat Ford Escort MK II.

We have spend countless hours working on this car to get

it were it is today, in short it went through a transformation stage of starting of as the normal run around for the family to a dream of a young man. I want a racing car, not the normal fast street car, but a decent racing car that still had that classic feel to it. That is all for know, you’ll see and here a lot of this little vehicle in the articles to come.

Our biggest challenge with building this vehicle is and

will be sourcing of parts and new ideas in

the local South African market.

And this is were the idea of the site came from, maybe just maybe we can help someone out there with some thought or an idea to what will help your little project there in the back of the garage that is waiting for some very very expensive parts from the UK or just some local knowledge gathered around a racing track or at a braai.

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