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It is a sad sad day to see a FWD vehicle on this site, but we have to be smart about it, they are fast and a lot of fun to drive, even if I have to admit this myself. On the other hand, even if it is just to comfort all the egos of the RWD drivers out there, these FWD drive vehicles is for the newer generation and those that can't handle a real man

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's car.

RWD will you stay close to our hearts and always try to stick a pole in the FWD vehicles.

Personally I feel for the FWD drivers, they chose the easy route and will never know what it feels like driving a fun car.

Ok Ok, enough of this mocking. Jan we hope all the best to you, when we started out at the beginning of the year it was mind blowing, from the first entry that we heard you need to walk the track to learn it, well, personally I do not see a problem with that, but when you need to walk that

track 5 times with bare feet it starts hurting. We learned a lot of this sport, not only racing, but ourselves and the vehicles, the endless hours spend planning, researching and time in the garage.

I hope we will be able to assist, share our experience and help you and your vehicle to perform to it's best – all in good time. I'll start searching for a few good modifications.

Jan will also be my new navigator, I'm pretty sure Jan will be as clear as Ruan, but Louder will not heard, as I have the tendency to

be on the deaf side from time to time.

Congrats on your vehicle and the addition to Team I can promise you, you will have fun and never be able to get enough.