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Bakkie The suspension modifications made on the bakkie, really started kicking in and the results were immediately visible by the times and the stance of the bakkie in sharp hard corners. Understeer, front-end grip and roll was a lot better. On every real wheel drive vehicle in the sport, I will recommend dual anti roll bars in the front – Thanks Pieter Ludick. After two runs in the escort, it was identified that the escort is in serious need of anti tramp bars in the rear,

also something I will keep in mind for the bakkie. Rear tramp became a problem after the cement surface started drying. The strange thing about cement is, rubber doesn’t stick to it, it rather forms a rubber dust than leaving marks.

In overall it was

the best day for the Bakkie so far, 5th in Class F, we knocked 1sec of the times from our competitors, just by fiddling with a few suspension settings.

The Escort won the class on the last run of the day, after a few changes to the driving style and lines. Huge horsepower isn’t all that is needed in this sport. The perfect line, amount of braking before and in mid corner, amount of throttle exciting a corner and suspension is what is important.

Thanks to everyone that helped with the vehicles for the event and on the day, we appreciate it.