Feedback: Datsun Rear Suspension Stiffening Experiment

This worked well, but on a rear wheel drive Gymkhana vehicle you need as much possible travel

on the rear wheel as possible and a progressive suspension, all or nothing doesn’t work as you start unload the inner wheel when cornering hard. We tested a

ll possible settings this weekend on the 22nd Casino Mykonos Langebaan Gymkhana.

It helps for rear end stiffening, but sure as hell not for traction, body roll is a lot more in control, but in our case we need some to keep the wheels to the ground.

The one thing that we did learn from this experiment

for gymkhana setup, the front of a rear wheel drive vehicle should be hard and the back soft or to an extend that excessive body roll starts creeping in.

On another note, never never ever and a day, weld anything to tempered steel like leaf springs, due to this experiment, I broke my left leaf and must replace both now to get rid of this upper leafs with the welded parts to it.

Will be using this as a opportunity to rebuild the rear leaf assembly to get rid of some excessive body roll that is impacting front end roll. All of this is part of the bigger picture.

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